dismember the '90s? Home Video Edition

When I recorded the dismember the '90s? LP in 2019, I made heavy use of samples taken from old VHS tapes: Buck Adams porno parodies, the Columbine shooters' funniest home videos, old commercials recorded from TV. But I did it the cheap way, looking up videos other people had digitized and recording from my laptop speakers to a cellphone. There's a crude, patched-together quality to the album, but I never thought it sounded shitty enough.

Until now.

For reasons that make no sense even to me, I've further degraded the audio of dismember the '90s? by re-recording it on an old VCR. Now you can finally listen to this masterpiece of garbage the way it was intended, with the soft static hiss of decades-old magnetic tape washing out the sound.

Listen to the album here:

Track List

1. Choking Hazard: dismember the '90s? Part One 00:00

2. Buck Adams Presents 03:49

3. Full Flavor 08:13

4. Trash Juice 12:55

5. Dt90s Pt. II: A Dramatic Reading of Erotic Hot Wheels Attack Pack Fanfiction (posted on alt.sex.truckfuckers June 6 1996) 17:25

6. Feed Your Children Crystal Meth 21:09

7. Combat Jorts 24:34

8. Broken Trampoline 27:41

9. Suicide Gun Collection 31:16

10. Dismember the 90s 3: SLIMECOP GOES TO HELL 38:00

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