(19 minutes, 2021)

With this EP, I wanted to go back to making groups of catchy, stupid little songs without any overarching theme. But now that it's done, I can see that most of these tracks have a common theme of dissatisfaction; dissatisfaction with identity, with place, with the current social order. Or maybe they're just about really gross porn.

The first track is about FtM transgender porn actor Van Diesel. I saw the DVD for Man with a Pussy in an adult bookstore 15 years ago, and the image of a hairy biker dude with a perfect vagina stuck with me. The Business is about my completely sane and reasonable plan for making the world a better place. Prolapse Pervert is an improved version of a [Psycho-Pervert Machine GUN] song I wrote in 2015. I always thought the lyrics for that song deserved a better home. Humpy Pumpy Holocaust is based on the book I wrote, which approximately two people have read, give or take one or two. Finally, XTROsexual Coming-Out Party is the story of a young man who invites his family to a little get-together to explain his enthusiasms. I read a fakepost (I'm assuming it was fake) by a kid on reddit or somewhere, talking about inviting his parents, siblings, and aunts and uncles to a party where he gave a Power Point presentation about his anal vore fetish. XTRO is loosely based on that concept.

The cover image is a skull made of penis flesh, created using Deep Dream Generator.


1. Man With A Pussy

2. The Business

3. Prolapse Pervert (PPMG Cover)

4. Humpy Pumpy Holocaust

5. XTROsexual Coming-Out Party

Read the lyrics here.

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